The Academies

The Buckswood Academies


Buckswood Football Academy

Run on-site by our very own FA and UEFA qualified football coach.

Our football academy includes:

  • Football Fitness Testing with Results Certificates
  • Technique sessions
  • Professional scouts overseeing coaching sessions
  • Coaches challenges
  • Sessions on forward play, finishing, 1-on-1s, midfield play and defending techniques
  • Futsal Competitions with medals and prizes for winners
  • Skills Challenges
  • End of course report


Buckswood Golf Academy

The aim of B.G.A is to give the golfer the information and basic techniques needed to be able to go onto the golf course.
We offer:

  • Solid setup
  • Fundamentals of the swing, putting, chipping and bunkers
  • Mechanics of the game
  • Rules and etiquette
  • Golf do’s and don’ts
  • Course management
  • Card marking and handicaps
  • End of course report


Buckswood Dance Academy

The Buckswood Dance Academy is available for all levels and styles of dance.
Run by professionally qualified dance teachers for beginners to experienced dancers.
B.D.A. offer:

  • Dance Fitness and Aerobics
  • Flexibility/Body Conditioning
  • Street/Modern Dance
  • Classical Ballet
  • Jazz Dance
  • Hula Hoop Aerobics
  • End of course report


Buckswood Riding Academy

B.R.A. is our on-site riding academy with 8 horses and floodlit sand school.

As part of our riding programme students are encouraged to accept a certain responsibility in the welfare of the horses they ride, in terms of feeding, cleaning and grooming.

We offer:

  • Beginners to Advanced
  • Show Jumping
  • Hacking
  • Stable Management
  • Cross Country Jumping


Buckswood Tennis Academy

Our on-site Tennis Academy is run by our fully qualified tennis coach Mr.Gary Rens who will focus on the most important aspects of your game.

B.T.A. offers:

  • SAQ’s, bleep testing and fitness
  • Building you Core Strength
  • Focus on movement on court
  • Hand-Eye Co-ordination
  • The Serve
  • Forehand and backhands
  • The Volley
  • Finishing the point at the net
  • End of course report


Buckswood English Academy

Our English Academy is run by our Director of Studies and classes taught by our fully qualified teachers.
Students may attend in preparation for exams or simply to improve their reading, writing, speaking or listening.
Academy classes can be tailored to meet the needs of all our students.

B.E.A. offers:

  • Small Groups
  • Subject Specific Courses
  • Exam Preparation