Partially Integrated

(50% English lessons, 25% normal school, 25% trips)

  • This course will also focus on developing students English language skills mixing in lessons like sports, music, debating, MFL and other integrated activities.
  • If you have a small group of students of different ages we recommend this programme. This option is planned so that a sensible balance between English and integrated non-academic activities is maintained.
  • Students learn as much outside the classroom as they do inside by participating some of the day with the main school children.


Group Size Groups up to 12 in any one group (different ages and levels, subject to availability)
Group Ages 11-14 year round. 15+ September to March only
Course Discussion 1 week +
English Lessons 5-12 hours per week – Other activity options as per choice selection, subject to availability
English Cultural Trips One full day, one half day, one adventure and evening activities per week.

FREE Group Leader place for every 10 Students



Accommodation: Students will not be accommodated with Main School boarders but will sleep as a group at the Lion’s Centre. The leader will stay in the same accommodation.

Meals: Main meals will be taken in the school Dining Room as a group, but may or may not be at the same time as the main school due to space constraints.

Breakfast 8.00am Lunch 12.45pm Supper 5.45pm


Transport: Transport to and from Buckswood School will be provided daily Monday – Friday.

Morning pick up programme dependant Evening pick up 6.30pm-7.00pm


Mobile Phone: Leaders are to inform us prior arrival of their contact Mobile number, all parents, friends and relatives must be told to only ring on that number.

Lessons: Programme dependant, students may allocated to classes on receipt of dates of birth/age. So please forward these details as soon as possible, together with the passport numbers. They will be given a test on arrival to assess their level of English language competency and another at the time of leaving to identify improvements.

Leaders: See visiting leaders responsibility’s. Your Buckswood Groups Coordinator for the duration of your stay will be confirmed prior to arrival. They will be responsible for the group while you are visiting Buckswood.

Text Books: It is not customary for books to be given to students as they are only loaned and remain the property of the School. In many cases the relevant chapters may be photocopied.

Insurance: Parents are asked to take out their own private insurance to cover all personal belongings and money. Any insurance must be arranged prior to arrival at the school.

Medical Expenses: All students are covered by the National Health Service while resident at the school, which means free medical care (excluding visits to dentists or opticians). Payment for these costs will be taken from the student. Appointments with specialist consultants cannot be made through the NHS. An extra cost would be payable if such an appointment were to be made as it would be a private arrangement.

Deposits Payment: Deposit payment of £100 per student must be received as confirmation of dates and trip bookings, up to 30 days after receipt of this contract confirmation. Deposits paid will be discounted off final bill. Please request deposit invoice if you require one.

Individual student Cancellation or Full Group Cancellations: For
cancellations less than four weeks before the groups programme start
date, the Deposit will not be refunded. ShFuld visas be refused we will
refund the deposit in full upon receipt of the official refusal letter.

Final Bill Payment: Must be received 15 days prior to groups
programme start date. Your final bill will be sent out to you 30 days prior
to this.

NB The leader should be given a copy of this contract before they travel.

Visiting Leaders Responsibility while at Buckswood School and at The Lion’s Centre

    1. To ensure all school rules are enforced

a In particular the language rule (English during prep and activity only)
b Punctuality
c Room tidiness
d Uniform presentation
e Morning get up (7am) evening shut down (10pm)

    1. To be responsible for:

a Daily school role calls (9am and 1.30pm) full records to be kept.
b Passports can be stored on site (on arrival photocopies of both passports and visa page must handed into HM)
c Pocket money can stored on site (full receipts to be kept by HM)
d To supervise 3 overall evening activities at Lion’s Centre. (Based on a two week stay)
e Ensuring the prep during the week and on Sundays is supervised in rooms when there is no planned activity (8.30pm – 9.30pm)
f Notification of any birthdays (24 hours notice) to HM
g To ensure they monitor and oversee the master timetables (including activities) of EACH and EVERY pupil and parents/agent is email/faxed a copy.

  1. To be on site and attend all excursions and again be fully responsible for the behaviour and safety of their pupils.
  2. Leader to organise regular checkpoints on trips to ensure child safety.
  3. To attend daily evening feedback sessions with HM/GC.
  4. Leaders will be assigned one afternoon off per week individually by HM as per Leaders rota and the school driver can take them into the local town.
  5. The leader must prepare with their group one traditional meal menu for the school HM/GC and GA with local readings and entertainment at Lion’s Centre.