Leader’s Responsibilities

  1. To ensure all school rules are followed (these will be explained)
  2. -In particular the language role
    -Room tidiness
    -Uniform Presentation
    -Morning get up (7am) evening shut down (10pm)
  3. To be responsible for:
    -Daily role call (9 am and 1:30 pm)- Full records to be kept.
    -Passports (on arrival, photocopies should be made)
    -Pocket Money
    -Notification of any birthdays (24 hours notice) to the school leader so a cake can be made.
    -To ensure they monitor and oversee the master timetables (including activities) of EACH and EVERY pupil and parents/agent is a faxed copy.
  4. To be on site and attend all excursions and again be fully responsible for the behaviour and safety of their pupils.
  5. To attend daily morning feedback sessions with the school administration.
  6. Leaders will be given one afternoon off per week and the school driver can take them into the local town.
  7. The leader must prepare with their group one traditional meal for the school management with local readings and entertainment.