Choosing the right course

The Choice

Some helpful advice when choosing the right course for you

Having accepted groups now for 20 years, we have found that either the ‘Closed’ or the ‘Partially Integrated’ groups work best. It sounds a good idea to put pupils into class with the regular students, but from experience this does not work. Students do not learn as much as they could they will only be ‘visitors’ in that classroom. They are joining a working group who may be halfway through a topic and/or are preparing for an exam. Therefore they may not benefit from this experience.

We find that groups gain a lot more from a dedicated English teacher to teach them for a period of the day. Taught using Buckswood material and using proven EFL methodology. If you are coming to the UK then you need to learn from a British teacher, doing it the British way! Of course, during free time students will naturally mix with each other in an informal way. Pupils chatting to one another; there is no better way to learn.

Integration through food!
“Themed dinners” are organised, where either we or your group put on a special cultural meal.

Integration through Sport!
Sport is an international language in its own right. We organise an inter-group sports so that everyone can meet, be competitive and make friends.


So which programme should I pick?

We have three options for you!

Please click on an option for further information.

Option 1 CLOSED GROUP for the serious academics who want 100% English taught by a native speaker
Option 2 PARTIALLY INTEGRATED GROUP for those who want 50% English and 25% trips and 25% integrated activities
Option 3 ENGLISH + FOOTBALL for the serious football fanatics