A Slice of Britain

But it’s not just memories we want you to take away from your visit. A stay at the Lions Centre is not complete without your very own ‘Slice of Britain’. This entertaining, educational programme covers the very best of British culture, our history and traditions – do you know how to pour a proper cup of tea? Every student leaves with a complete diary of their stay to share with friends and family and they can take their ‘slice of Britain’ home as the perfect memento of their trip.


Topics that we focus on include

  • The Royal Family
  • Cultural highlights
  • Famous British Prime Ministers
  • Wales, N.I.Scotland
  • Famous British foods
  • Famous British landmarks
  • The Beatles
  • The British class system
  • English holidays and customs
  • English fashion
  • British etiquette and behaviour
  • The education system
  • Important history and dates
  • British eccentrics
  • London landmarks
  • British authors
  • English sayings
  • British films and television

Slice of Brit