A Slice of Britain

Each student will have an opportunity to follow the Slice of Britain programme (for at least one hour per day). This is a scheme of work written specifically for Buckswood students to help them learn about the UK, its traditions, culture and way of life. It is a project based teaching resource whereby every student participates within the class as well as using their individual workbook to write in and take home.


Topics that we focus on include

  • The Royal Family
  • Cultural highlights
  • Famous British Prime Ministers
  • Wales, N.I.Scotland
  • Famous British foods
  • Famous British landmarks
  • The Beatles
  • The British class system
  • English holidays and customs
  • English fashion
  • British etiquette and behaviour
  • The education system
  • Important history and dates
  • British eccentrics
  • London landmarks
  • British authors
  • English sayings
  • British films and television

Slice of Brit